AMD Athlon 64 X2 4800+ Dual-Core

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KribiBench v1.1

Next up, we ran the Kribibench rendering benchmark produced by the folks at Adept Development.  Kribibench is an SSE aware software renderer.  A 3D model is rendered and animated by the host CPU, and the average frame rate is reported.  We used two of the included models with this benchmark: an "Exploded Sponge" model consisting of over 19.2 million polygons and then its enormous "Ultra" model that is comprised of over 16 billion polygons.

Kribibench v1.1

The Kribi engine is based on 100% software rendering for a scene, which makes it a perfect CPU benchmark. It also makes heavy use of SSE instructions, Symmetric Multi-Processing and is multi-threaded.  What's very exciting to us is that over the months we've seen Intel's Hyperthreading technology afford a considerable advantage in some of these tests, which admittedly are considered less than mainstream for many readers in HotHardware's demographic.  Now with the introduction of the Athlon 64 X2 4800+, we see AMD's new architecture beating Intel on their own turf.  One could certainly speculate that Intel is going to have to move to a different CPU core architecture to take these new Athlon 64 dual core chips to task again.

More of the same is noted here within the confines of Kribibench's "Ultra" model, although this test seems to be hitting its limits with a much smaller differential between the Pentium 840 and the Athlon 64 4800+.

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