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When it comes to computer cases, not all are created equal.  This is certainly so with 3RSystem's R900 Dual Power tower.  With plenty of elbow room for a massive collection of components, dual PSU support and excellent cooling options, the R900 is a very capable case.  We made a joke of it being the SUV of cases earlier, but it really is an accurate analogy.  Here we have a case that is big, good looking, has a ton of room and consumes twice the power of other cases.  The R900 is also quite heavy, even when no components are installed.  Overall though, the design of the R900 was good, with the weight issue and short thermal probe being the only negatives.

Now that 3RSystem has the base design in place, we'd love to see a lighter aluminum model produced that comes with a more comprehensive LED read out and longer thermal probe.  Otherwise, the R900 is a stylish case with plenty of useful features that every user will appreciate.  Whether the R900 is used as a server case, or to house a high-end system geared toward overclocking, the R900 has the right features for the job.  Throw is near silent operation and the R900 shapes up to be an excellent all around choice.  In the end, you may even build up a few muscles in the process, which can't be all bad for us desk jockeys.

We think the R900 Dual Power Case from 3RSystem is an excellent product that earned a well deserved 9 on our Hot Hardware Heat Meter!

Overall Appearance
Dual PSU Support
Dead Silent Operation
Dual Power Buttons
External Controls/Inputs
Quality Construction
Tons of Room
Thermal Probe Too Short
Extremely Heavy
Magnets Used with Door
No Casters for Easier Mobility
No Air Filters

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