3RSystems R900 Computer Case

Introduction to the R900

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the performance aspect of computing, that we don't pay enough attention to the other important details.  Yes, we all want a powerful CPU, graphics card and an ample supply of memory, all tied together with a quality motherboard.  But the enclosure you choose to house all of your components is an important component as well.  With a plethora of a various case models available, choosing the right one can be difficult.  A well designed enclosure is a crucial factor for a stable computing experience, especially when overclocking is planned.

Today we're taking a look at a case from 3RSystem, a South Korean company who is a major player in the global computer case market.  3RSystem has a huge selection of attractive cases, from slim-line to full towers, most of which include LED readouts, fan controls or other features standard.  Whether you need a standard tower unit or want a case with a slew of useful features, 3RSystem has a broad line to fit virtually any application.  Furthermore, their product line isn't limited to cases, with a full array of water cooling products, power supplies, colored drive bezels and custom side panels also available.

Getting our first taste of their product line, we bring you a review of 3RSystem's R900 Dual Power Station Case.  The R900 is a versatile case that brings a slew of features that make it perfect as a PC or Server case solution.  Built with size and durability in mind, look at the R900 as an SUV in the computer case world.  With support for two power supplies, oversized cooling and an extra large frame, the R900 is ready to work or play hard while keeping things running cool and looking sharp. 

Specifications of 3RSystem's R900 Case
Room to Spare

Dimension(Chassis):205(W) x 530(H) x 530(D)

Dimension(Total):205(W) x 540(H) x 590(D)

Drive Bays:5.25" x 6ea / 3.5" x 8ea (Hidden : 6)

Form Factor:E-ATX(12"x13"), ATX, Micro-ATX



Expansion Slots:7 Slots

Rear Fan:120mm 1ea

Front Fan:120mm 1ea

Port:USB 2.0 x 4ea / IEEE1394 x 1ea / MIC / SPK

Strong chassis:Chassis thickness of 1.0 mm (partially 1.2mm)

CAG 1.0:Air duct enlarged for 120mm fan (coming soon)

Built-in Fan controller:Easy control via fan speed control dial, Digital thermometer included.

The R900 has an elegant look.  The case is also backed with several extras, helping to expand the features of the R900.  Probably considered the more important item is the Dual PSU connector which helps two power supplies work in tandem.  The feed accepts a 20-Pin ATX power supply and converts it to a 24-Pin ATX power connector.  The sub-connector accepts a second 20-Pin ATX power supply, which doesn't actually feed the motherboard, but instead allows the other supply to power up at the same time as the primary PSU.


The second item in the package was a complete kit of thumbscrews, motherboard supports, PC-Speaker, rubber vibration grommets and other items in a single "Support Box".  3RSystem doesn't offer any directions as to which thumbscrews are for what application, but each color offered varying lengths to accommodate various uses.  The Green thumbscrews had a long shaft that made them a colorful way to mount the motherboard to the case.  The blue and red thumbscrews can be used to mount the drives, or as more colorfil replacements for the grey thumbscrews that secured the external doors.  The kit also includes all of the necessary stand-offs, screws and a tiny PC speaker too.  A small two page guide gives a brief description of some of the kits components as well as the proper application of the Dual Power ATX adapter.

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