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The 3dfx Voodootv 200 PCI
Not just 3D Anymore...

By Marco "BigWop" Chiappetta

Since their inception, 3dfx has been known as a leading manufacturer of high end 3D chipsets. From the beginning the Voodoo name was synonymous with gaming and has been a dominant brand at retail. They are arguably responsible for the entire PC 3D revolution  Their newest product to carry the "Voodoo" brand is the Voodootv 200 PCI. I know what you're all thinking, "So what's the big deal?"  Well, this Voodoo product has absolutely nothing to do with 3D or gaming for that matter! The Voodootv 200 PCI is an add-in TV-Tuner / Video capture card with features that place it at the forefront of this arena. 3dfx faces some stiff competition from ATI and Hauppauge in the add-in TV tuner market and even though similar products have been available for quite some time, there has not been widespread adoption.  Could 3dfx with their new technology and brand recognition be poised to start the PC / TV revolution?  Let's find out...


Specifications Of The 3dfx Voodootv 200 PCI
What it's made of...
  • Composite video Input
  • RF-Modulated (broadcast cable or antenna) video Inputs
  • S-Video Input
  • 125 Channel Cable-ready TV Tuner
  • Captures Video in AVI & MPEG1 Format
  • Completely Resizable Virtual "TV" that can be placed anywhere on-screen or Full Screen
  • Virtual TV Remote
  • NTSC, PAL & SECAM video formats supported
  • Includes Zoom functionality
  • Channel surfing allows previews of selected "active" channels
  • Parental control feature with password protection
  • Supports closed-captioning
  • Supports high-resolution/high-quality frame captures
  • Provides freeze-frame, still capture, and video capture functions
  • Full FM Stereo Tuner with DBX capable of: MP3 Recording, MP3 Playback, Scan, Seek, Station Preset
  • Stereo Audio Input and Output connectors
  • Fully supports Microsoft DirectShow
  • RF connector for TV and FM in
  • 1/8" mini phono for stereo audio in
  • RCA connector for composite video in
  • S-Video connector for S-Video in
  • 2 4-pin MPC headers for audio pass through

Here in the United States there will be 2 versions on the Voodootv available, the Voodootv 200 PCI which we are looking at here today and the Voodootv 100 PCI.

Basic TV Tuner

TV and FM Tuners

The Voodootv 200 PCI has a few key features to differentiate it from it's younger brother, namely stereo TV, an FM stereo tuner and the use of the new "Microtune"  "tuner-on-a-chip" technology.  In Europe, there will be a version of the card available called the Voodoo TV-FM, which is basically a PAL version of the Voodootv 200 PCI. 

Installation and Quality


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