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The 3dfx Voodoo3-3000 PCI 
Leading Edge Technology For The Trailing Edge User


As we all know with any business, you go where the market is.  The old adage, "if you build it, they will come" works only in the movies.  Not long ago the PC platform standardized on the next generation PC Graphics Bus Interface, known as AGP.  The promise of increased bandwidth and performance was ushered in along with yet another variation in motherboard expansion slots.  As a result, many users who had just purchased a pre-built PC with on board graphics, may have been left out in the cold.  In addition, many of the new PCs being released still came equipped with on board AGP graphics and several PCI slots but no AGP slot for graphic upgrades.  Since the average Joe doesn't upgrade their computer every six months with each new product evolution, there were many folks opting to hold out of the next evolution in 3D graphics.  That's when somebody at 3dfx put on their marketing hat.

3dfx realized there was a large market still available that consisted of mainstream medium to low end computer users that only had PCI slots to work with.  The following is a Hot Hardware assessment of the 3dfx Voodoo3-3000 16MB PCI card, current Voodoo technology designed for the mainstream user on a budget.  What if we told you that the PCI version of the Voodoo3 is the number one selling graphics card for 3dfx?  Would you believe us?  You should.  It is true and we wanted to find out why.

Voodoo3 3000 PCI Specifications
The heart of the Voodoo on a different bus.

 Click on image for full view

  • PCI Bus Interface Card

  • 16MB SDRAM
  • 166MHz Core Clock Speed
  • 7 Million Triangles/sec
  • 333 Megatexels/sec.
  • Supports resolutions up to 2048x1536
  • Full 128-Bit 2D accelerator
  • 350 MHz RAMDAC
  • DVD Hardware Assist
  • Supports DirectX, Glide and OpenGL
  • Alpha-Blending
  • Single Pass, Single Cycle Bump Mapping
  • Single Pass, Single Cycle Trilinear MIP-Mapping
  • Patented Multi-Texturing
  • Programable Fog Tables
  • Sub-Pixel and Sub-Texel Correction
  • Gouraud Shading

There are very few differences between the Voodoo3-3000PCI and the Voodoo3-3000AGP.  Obviously, this is a PCI card vrs. AGP and it is designed for the the cost conscious.  There is no TV Output on this card.  Other than that, the song remains the same. A solid list of specifications.  Our board also came with the same speedy memory that is on the high end Voodoo3-3500, 5.5ns Hyundai SDRAM.  That may or may not be the memory everyone gets on this card.  Regardless, this board had a robust memory subsystem.

Voodoo3 3000 PCI Installation / Setup
Tried and true compatibility.

There is so much to like about the compatibility of 3dfx product.  The card installed in our test system in a matter of minutes and gave us no trouble at all.  Things were very stable and the 2D Desktop image quality of the V3-3000 PCI is top shelf.  Text is crisp and graphics are well balanced and rich.  The drivers are the standard Voodoo3 drivers that we are all use to seeing.  There is a fair amount of tweaking you can do in both Glide, OpenGL and D3D apps.  Here is a shot of the driver control panel.

I really like the fact that the drivers give you the ability to set up your preferences in the desktop, Direct 3D and Glide/OpenGL, all in on panel.

On with the testing....


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