YouTube TV App Lands On Apple TV Giving One More Reason To Cut The Cord

More and more people are ditching their expensive cable and satellite TV plans and going with streaming options like Netflix, Sling TV, and Hulu. The catch is that some of these streaming services mean you miss out on local content like news and sports. YouTube TV gets around that by offering streaming content that includes your local shows and news.

Yesterday, YouTube announced that the YouTube TV app had launched on Roku devices, which are the most popular streaming devices out there. Along with that announcement, YouTube also announced that the same app would be coming for Apple TV users "very soon" --  and true to its word, YouTube TV is now available on Apple TV devices.

apple tv 2

The YouTube TV app is on the App Store right now and available for download. The Apple TV version has the same features that you get with YouTube TV on any other platform. That means the ability to watch and record live shows with an unlimited storage space cloud DVR. Those recorded programs stay in your library for nine months.

There is no contract required to sign up for YouTube TV, but it does cost $35 monthly. This is a big deal for football fans that want to watch the big game this weekend, but don’t have a cable or satellite plan. For your $35 monthly fee, you get access to content on ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, the CW, Disney, ESPN, FX, USA, and others. YouTube TV also includes all the content from YouTube Red, which is normally a $9.99 monthly service. YouTube TV first launched in April of 2017 and was only available in limited areas at the time. You do need a fourth or fifth generation Apple TV to partake in the festivities.