You Don't Want To See Britney Spears Naked. Trust Me.

Microsoft has issued a hotfix (a patch for a patch) for the animated cursor exploit we told you about earlier this week. Beware: There's a zero day attack making the rounds of the internet promising nude Britney, and delivering a virus instead. Sounds Just like the real Britney, now that you mention it.

Sophos, a security company, reported Wednesday morning that attackers launched a new spam campaign aimed at luring users to malicious Web sites where their unpatched systems can be infected with malware. The lure? The e-mails are promising users nude pictures of pop star Britney Spears if they follow the link to a Web site. Initially, the e-mails only contained text, but in the past day or so they've begun to contain an embedded image of a scantily clad Spears. Sophos reported in an advisory that the malicious site contains the Iffy-A Trojan that points to another piece of malware, which contains the zero-day .ANI exploit. Sophos detects this Trojan as Animoo-L.
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