Yeston’s Radeon RX 7900 SAKURA Series Has A Sweet SUGAR Thermal Solution

yeston rx 7900 sakura
Yeston is a computer components company that is most known, at least in the West, for offering parts with a cutesy, anime-inspired aesthetic. The company's products are well-regarded in that niche, at least, and its new Radeon RX 7900 Sakura looks to continue the trend.

Revealed in all of its plastic-and-metal glory in a Weibo post by Yeston itself, the RX 7900 Sakura appears to be an rather large graphics card with an unusual-looking cooler design that Yeston is referring to as "SUGAR". It's a massive triple-fan cooler where each fan is a different pastel shade. The cooler looks to extend well into a third slot in addition to being significantly taller than the rear I/O bracket.

yeston acryltic stand

Speaking of the rear I/O bracket, the Sakura card is notable for retaining the USB Type-C connection of the reference board design. Most of the AIB models of the Radeon RX 7900-series GPUs have opted to ditch the USB Type-C connector for a third DisplayPort connection. This probably makes sense for most users, but the USB-C connection could be useful for a VR headset or Mac monitor.

Besides the card itself, the packaging is also quite decorative and risqué. The festive, summery design of the box feels a little out of place in the frozen depths of winter, though. It's not completely clear if the acrylic stand in some of the photos is included with the card, but we'd assume it probably is.

yeston sakura box

These cards are already available in China. Popular retailer JD listed the Radeon RX 7900 XT model for 7399 RMB ($1061 USD), while the beefier XTX model was up for 7999 RMB ($1147). Well, we say they're available, but we probably should have said "were available," because they're all sold out now. Yeston's cards occasionally appear on Newegg, so if you're dying for a cute GPU, keep an eye out.