XP SP3, Vista SP1 Updates Resume

Last week Microsoft had to delay the rollout of Windows XP SP3, and halt automatic distribution of Windows Vista SP1, because of incompatibility issues with Microsoft Dynamic Retail Management System (RMS).  Tuesday Microsoft announced that both Service Packs were again available via Windows Update.

The software maker on Tuesday said it is releasing XP Service Pack 3 for Web downloads, and resuming automatic updates to Vista Service Pack 1, after developing a filter that will prevent machines running Dynamics RMS from getting either update.

The filter is not a fix for the incompatibility, though Microsoft said it is working on that as well.

"A fix for this issue is currently in testing at Microsoft and with customers, and we hope to make it publicly available this month," the company said in a statement. "Until then, Microsoft is advising Microsoft Dynamics RMS customers to not install either service pack."

Microsoft also said that those with Dynamics RMS who have already installed either Service Pack should call Tech Support immediately.
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