XFX XGear Headset, Asus Vento 3600, NVIDIA 6100/6150, and More!

Hawking Technologies HBB1 Broadband Booster Review @ Hardware-Review.net:

"Getting every ounce out of your broadband bandwidth can be a daunting task and one many users deal with on a daily basis. Many people who use a Voice-Over-IP phone service or play online games experience some distortion or lower quality connections because of how their data packets are being prioritized, sent, and received. All of these programs take valuable bandwidth and leave each fighting for their place in line. To help broadband routers with this problem, Hawking Technologies has developed the unique HBB1 Broadband Booster, which is the subject of our review today."

XFX XGear Headset With Vibration Function @ Hardware Secrets:

"Usually we do not write about loudspeakers and headset products, but this new headset that XFX is about to launch is really awesome and deserves our attention because of its unique vibration function...."

Asus Vento 3600 ATX Case Review @ The TechZone:

"The Asus Vento 3600 is the computer case that most reminds us of Darth Vader from the Star Wars movies. Like Vader, the Vento 3600 is big, bad and black. Unlike Vader, the Vento is available in colors other than black. The Vento 3600 is a stylish gaming chassis for high-performance 3-D gaming. The case sports a stunning UV-paint coating (in green, red, blue or black), which gives off a shiny, waxed look and prevents scratches that ruin the style of the PC."

Asour Multimedia Hub @ ThinkComputers.org:

"Today, I have another one of those products that I think is just cool! I was actually excited about getting it for review. It is the VPC-1000B-N MultiMedia Hub/FM Radio/Equalizer/SRS-WOW & 16x DVD Drive, yeah it's a mouthful! It is made by a company called Asour; it was provided for review by and available from Geeks.com for $99 plus shipping. It is one of those products that is just cool, it does quite a few things as you can tell by its title, and has lots of features to discuss."

Antec TX1088AMG SOHO ATX Full Tower Case @ Hardcoreware.net:

"Antec has recently bolstered their entire lineup of PC cases with some new products, and some refreshes of current models. The TX1088AMG falls in the latter category. As you can tell by the name, there is nothing really that stands out about this case. There are no funky LEDs, no fan controls, and no temperature guages. What DOES it do, exactly? Is the $140+ price justified for a plain steel tower case with the same look we've seen for years?"

NVIDIA 6100 and 6150 Integrated Chipsets Preview @ CoolTechZone.com:

"There are a few combinations between the north and south bridges, which will hybridize to give you various motherboard options. There are, as of now, two north bridges (the graphics processing engines – 6100 and 6150) and two south bridges (410 and 430). By integrating the aforementioned combinations, NVIDIA plans to deliver the following solutions: 6150/430, 6100/430 and 6100/400. The 6100/400 is the entry-level arrangement with limited features and additional lack of PureVideo, Gigabit Ethernet, and two PATA connections as opposed to four for the other two. NVIDIA has, however, added HD Azalia Audio support."

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