PS5 And Xbox Series X Are Big Consoles But New Renders Put Dimensions In Perspective

ps5 xbox series x
Yesterday, we came across more pictures of Sony's next-generation PlayStation 5 console with specific for qualification at the FCC and Taiwan's NCC -- and quite frankly, it's more than a bit porky. Insults were leveled against the Xbox Series X when it was fist unveiled, with people pointing to its towering monolith-like design. But the PlayStation 5 and its PlayStation 5 Digital Edition sibling take things to a whole new level, dwarfing even Microsoft's next Xbox.

While we presented pictures and dimensions of two PlayStation 5 consoles yesterday, these two aspects of the consoles don't tell the full story of how big they are. However, new renders that were created by 3D modeler @keisawada show how all four next-generation consoles stack up against their predecessors and the Nintendo Switch. Needless to say, the renders are quite eye-=opening.

ps5 comparo

The Xbox Series X definitely still looks chunky, especially compared the Xbox Series S and even the PlayStation 4 Pro, but seeing the console side-by-side with the PlayStation 5 is jarring. The PlayStation 5 is quite a bit narrower than the Xbox Series S, but it towers over its immediate competition. And when placed on its side, the PlayStation 5 takes up considerable real estate. 

If you already have limited space in your entertainment center or TV stand, the PlayStation 5 might not be a great option for you. The PlayStation 5 Digital Edition, which lacks a Blu-ray drive, is only marginally narrower and just as tall, so don't expect to find any relief there.

ps5 comparo 3

The really amusing part in all of this is how all of the next-generation consoles dwarf the Nintendo Switch. It's not exactly a fair comparison give that the Nintendo Switch is a current-generation console, and has power more comparable to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles. But it's still quite comical to see how dainty it appears.

ps5 comparo 4

PlayStation 5 preorders kicked off a day ahead of schedule this past Wednesday and immediately turned into a calamity with initial stock being depleted within minutes. Sony apologized for the fiasco and is promising that more preorder stock will be available in the coming days, and the console series will officially launch on November 12th.

ps5 comparo 2

As for the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X, preorders for both consoles open up on Tuesday, September 22nd, with an official launch occurring on November 10th.

(Images, Credit: @keisawada via Twitter)