Sony Issues Apology Over PS5 Preorder Disaster, Says Reinforcements Incoming

ps5 hero
The PlayStation 5 preorder launch was less than stellar by most metrics. Despite prior fears of lack of stock and the initial preorder sell-out, Sony realized they had some work to do. Today, they are trying to make amends with gamers by apologizing and promising to make more consoles available for preorder.

On Wednesday, Sony announced pricing and availability for the PS5 via a YouTube stream, and soon thereafter, the preorders were out of stock almost immediately. It seems the PS5 preorders went the way of NVIDIA Geforce RTX 3080s, where they are making it to eBay for scalping. Earlier today, the PlayStation Twitter sent out this apology:

Obviously, many people are wanting a PS5, and when preorders vanished so quickly, people were quick to point fingers. As mentioned, this preorder panic follows concerns of PS5 production reported earlier in the week. Whether or not there is truth to the claim, there was most certainly preorder stock issues. The apology and promise of more preorders drew some ire from some replying, however many were appreciative of Sony working to make things right in the end.

As there are still a few months to go before the PS5 physically makes it to market, Sony has some time to come up with stock for the healthy demand.  With their announcement, keep an eye out on retailers about PlayStation 5 stock and how you can pre-order again soon.