Xbox One X Patch For Annoying Blu-ray HDR Issues Incoming Says Microsoft

If you own an Xbox One X and have been unhappy with some aspects of the Blu-ray playback capability, Microsoft's Mike Ybarra says that a fix is incoming. The integrated 4K Blu-ray player that the Xbox One X offers is one way that some buyers have justified the purchase of the console. $499 for a nice Blu-ray player/game console is palatable for lots of folks out there who don’t spend that much time playing games.

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The catch for some early adopters of the game console is that the On X isn’t performing as it should when content is played on a HDR-capable TV. Reports indicate that there are raised black levels with HDR movies that affect the performance of the movie and irk viewers. Ybarra says that there is a fix coming for that issue:

At least one user was happy to hear that the fix was coming, but wasn't pulling punches when it came to the console shipping with an issue this blatant in its HDR playback capability. Twitter user Ross Fisher said bluntly, "Glad to hear a fix is coming, but it kinda sucks it shipped like this."

Ybarra simply replied, "Agree, sorry about that." Another Twitter user called Patrick Haider replied to the original tweet noting that the HDR issue had been fixed in the Xbox Insider Preview for over a week.

Microsoft confirmed earlier this month that the Xbox One X will natively support 1440p displays in the future.