Xbox One, PlayStation 4 Rack Up Blockbuster Black Friday Week Sales

The holiday shopping season is being marked by strong game console sales, especially during Black Friday week when the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 received tantalizing discounts. In the U.S., Microsoft slashed $50 off the price of every Xbox One package, including the ones that came with game bundles like Assassin's Creed. Several retailers took it a step further and sold the bundles for as low as $329 (sans Kinect), a full $70 off the regular selling price.

Money talks, and with the Xbox One going for such a comparatively low price, Microsoft was able to move 721,569 units in the U.S. during the Black Friday week ending November 29, according to VGChartz. It was the top selling console of the week, as it came out ahead of the PS4 and Nintendo's Wii U system. More impressively, the Xbox One racked up more sales during its second Black Friday week than any other console has in history.

Xbox One and PS4 at E3
Choose wisely you must, young gaming Padawan. Image Source: Flickr (- EMR -)

As for the PlayStation 4, it put up respectable numbers as well. You could also find the PS4 going for as little as $329 during Black Friday week, down from its normal selling price of $399, leading to 554,340 unit sales during the same week.

While that wasn't enough to trump the Xbox One, it's more than the PlayStation 3 was ever able to achieve during all the Black Friday weeks in the U.S. in its lifetime. The PS3 saw its highest Black Friday week sales in 2009 when it sold 417,864 units.