Xbox One Earns Limited Time Price Cut To $299 Ahead Of E3 Gaming Bonanza

xbox one 299
E3 is still a few weeks away, but Microsoft is kicking off the festivities early with another price cut for its Xbox One gaming console. Nearly all of the Xbox One bundles have been given a $50 price cut, which means that base 500GB bundles now start at $299.

The price cuts even extend to more expensive offerings like the Xbox One Rainbow Six Siege Bundle (1TB), which falls from $369 to $319, while the Xbox One Rainbow Six Siege Bundle (1TB) drops from $499 to $449. The new pricing is in effect right now, so if you’ve been sitting on the fence with regards to purchasing an Xbox One (and don’t want to wait until E3), now’s your chance to strike.

All signs are pointing towards a new “Xbox One Slim” being unveiled at the start of E3 on June 13th. The new console is said to be roughly 40 percent smaller than the current Xbox One, while featuring largely the same specifications and performance. The new Xbox Slim is also expected to be joined on stage by two Xbox-branded streaming boxes. The first will be roughly the same size as a Google Chromecast of Amazon Fire Stick and will providing access to streaming services like Hulu and Netflix. A larger model will have access to the Windows Store and may possibly have the ability to stream Xbox One games.

Xbox One Quantum Break

But the hardware that everyone is waiting to hear about is the more powerful Xbox One successor that is being developed under the codename Scorpio. The console is said to be capable of 6 teraflops (compared to 1.32 teraflops for the Xbox One) and will be go toe-to-toe with the rumored PlayStation Neo. The Xbox One Scorpio is also said to be fully VR-compliant with support for the Oculus Rift.

Microsoft is likely to announce the Xbox One Scorpio at E3 next month, but it won’t ship until 2017.