Xbox 360 Premium Quietly Gets HDMI Port

I'm sure you've heard about the price drop that was just announced for the Xbox 360; the Xbox 360 Premium model has dropped from $400 to $350.  However, more quietly, Microsoft has also added a freebie into the mix - a hardware refresh that includes an HDMI port, previously available only on the Elite model.  This was rumored at first, and now has been confirmed.
Microsoft confirmed late Wednesday the existence of newly updated Xbox 360 units that include HDMI support. The news comes amid reports that new machines are now available in stores coinciding with today's price drops. The company denied comment on the port addition to cheaper Core models not to mention the rumored cooler running processors.
Retailers probably still have stock of the older units, so look for an HDMI logo on the box to ensure you receive the updated version.

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Via:  PC World
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