Windows Vista SP1 Now on Windows Update

It's here, it's here!  Now those of you daring enough to try it without waiting can risk your systems and your sanity.

Today, you can now download Windows Vista SP1 via Windows Update. For those of you eager to receive the benefits of Windows Vista SP1 - you can now do so! We've seen quite a bit of questions in our comments so we want to communicate as much as possible surrounding Windows Vista SP1 and today's release to Windows Update as we can.

For those of you happy to wait - sit tight because SP1 will start downloading to PCs automatically beginning in mid-April (Remember, this happens only if you have your Windows Update configured to automatically download updates and SP1 will automatically download but not automatically install).  But if you want to get the benefit of a year's worth of improvements right now, go check Windows Update today...(Hit the Start Menu, All Programs, and select Windows Update).

If you're interested, Microsoft goes into detail in this post regarding their "driver issues" which delayed SP1's release once it RTM'ed.  It also details the problems with KB937287, which caused endless reboots for some users (it is a required update to get SP1).

Our advice: wait for some feedback / user experience posts before trying it.  Or at least back up your system first.