Will The Real Psystar Please Stand Up?

Psystar, the maker of the so called “Open Computer” series, is now being actively investigated by various web communities.  One of which has dug up some fairly interesting information:

"First, let's revisit what we already know.  Not only does the Miami Chamber of Commerce and BBB not know anything about any company named Psystar (confirmed by reader [Gizmodo] Travis through his contacts in the chamber), the actual physical address they listed on their website actually changed halfway through the day yesterday.  What's going on here?  Did they all of a sudden move from a home business into a new office space?  Nope."

The new address is actually occupied by a completely different and seemingly unrelated company called USA KOEN Pack.  KOEN Pack has been in their current address for approximately two years and employees claim no knowledge of Psystar.

As for he BBB not knowing about a company, that means about as much as Dun & Bradstreet not having information on them; in other words it means next to nothing.

The plot seems to be thickening, but we still sense that there is more to this drama before the finale.
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