Will The New iPod Nano Please Stand Up?

It appears that the early 'leaked' images of the new iPod Nano might be the real deal, as the legal team from the Cupertino giant is launching law suits to have sites take down the image.

This reaction is typical of Apple when an upcoming product has been leaked, as we all witnessed when Apple lashed out at ThinkSecret for revealing the existence of the Mac Mini & iPod Shuffle just prior to their official debut.  Apple doesn't (historically) sic their law team of mock-ups and wild news that isn't related to upcoming offerings, which would lead us to believe that this could very well be the genuine article.

While the appearance might seem a tad odd at first, there are 2 points we'd like to make:
  1. The general proportions are somewhat similar that of the new Creative Zen, only turned sideways
  2. There are no current estimates of how thin or thick this device is.  It could end up being ultra-thin, and that might offset its appearance.
“The squat, out-of-proportion look has been dismissed by some as a hoax. But after a swift attack by Apple's legal team -- which essentially confirmed the widely syndicated image as authentic by claiming it was "stolen" from the company -- online news media quickly savaged the new player, hinting that Apple's new darling could stand to slim down its wide-hipped look.“
Other details on the new Nano are sketchy at best, but it looks like a longer wait is in store for those hoping for a 100% multi-touch interface.

As with all rumors, take these with a grain of salt until official announcements are made.  We expect just such an announcement on September 5th.
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