Will OEMs Learn? - ATI RADEON 2900 XT Benchmarks

We trust you've been through the drill before.  It gets old after a while, frankly.  Major technology innovator OEM targets release date of next generation product and briefs the press months prior to the launch.  Embargo dates are set, NDA commitments made and confirmed by those partners who are "trusted" to maintain confidentiality.  Then weeks, sometimes months before the actual embargo date and time have elapsed, someone over in another time zone is able to break free with the full monty, leaving those of us law-abiding good-guys here in the states in the lurch.


There you have it... ATI's Radeon HD 2900 XT Performance evaluation, on display at DailyTech.  Frustrating?  No doubt, if you're on NDA embargo, otherwise, cool-breeze baby.   A pathetic display of marketing control?  Perhaps... Tunisia must have been good to some folks, good and early.

Performance Testing - Courtesy - DailyTech.com

We'll make sure to give you the full HH perspective here, once we're officially unleashed.  Until then, enjoy the leaks, they are plentiful.  And congrats to our buds at DailyTech.  No harm, no foul; seriously, good scoop.