Where To Buy Microsoft's Xbox Series X 20th Anniversary Controller Before It Sells Out

Microsoft 20th Annivesary Wireless Controller
Microsoft is in the midst of celebrating 20 years of Xbox, part of which entails releasing some retro-themed gear. They include the Xbox Wireless Controller - 20th Anniversary Special Edition and also a headset with the same green and translucent black color theme. It's the controller that appears to be in hotter demand, though, and you'll probably have to act fast if you want to purchase one.

These both went up for preorder a little over a month ago. Following in the footsteps if every other desirable item that's gone on sale, retailers ran out of preorder availability for the controller almost immediately (just like the Xbox Series X Mini Fridge). If you missed out, today is your second chance to score one.

The special edition controller unlocked for sale at the Microsoft Store at midnight and sold out just as fast as the preorders. As of this writing, the only place I'm still seeing it in stock is at Target. Depending on where you live, your local Target may still have some stock left. In my corner of TN, for example, there are three available for in-store pickup at a location that isn't super far from where I live.

I'm also seeing it available to once again preorder from Walmart. If you go that route, hopefully you don't end up in preorder purgatory likely myself and many others found ourselves in as we awaited the late arrival of our Nintendo Switch OLED units.

Xbox Series X 20th Anniversary Controller

There are other retailers that either have carried or may still restock the controller, either online or in store. They include...
Even though most sites are not showing stock, it might still be worth a trip to your nearest retail store (like GameStop or Best Buy) to see if they have any tucked away. Good luck to anyone who tries to get one!