Wevr Scores $25 Million In VC To Bring You The First VR 'Transport' Network

We've been hearing about modern virtual reality (VR) for what seems like forever, but with some leading headsets soon to launch, 2016 is shaping-up to be a pivotal year for the technology. That being the case, if you think you've been hearing about VR quite a bit up to this point, to quote Bachman Turner Overdrive, "You ain't seen nothing yet."

The biggest concern most VR enthusiasts have currently is the lack of content, or at least the lack of high-quality content. It's hard right now to find the great stuff amongst all the lackluster demos and use cases, although the situation will of course improve as time goes on and the technology matures. One start-up, Wevr, wants to make sure that the content and application issue is solved sooner than later.

Wevr VR

Wevr's upcoming product is called Transport, and based on its name alone, it's not too hard to figure out what it's all about: "transporting" you into virtual environments. It's going to act as a VR content network, sort of like Valve's Steam or perhaps YouTube ,for example. It will act as a hub for a wide variety of content: games, films, and tools. Users will be able to strap up and peruse a large selection, while content creators will be able to get their content out there, and at some point, monetize it.

The Wevr team consists of industry experts Neville Spiteri, Scott Yara, and Anthony Batt, and they've already proven there's significant interest in their efforts with an impressive $25,000,000 venture capital cash infusion. Spiteri sums up Transport as such:

  • For makers to proudly present their VR work to fans,
  • For everyone to easily experience VR and enjoy sharing feedback,
  • Where brave, inspiring VR is created, consumed and celebrated.

Transport sounds impressive, and it indeed could be a VR killer app or powerful enabler but its release date, or what it will truly become ultimately, is still a mystery. Reportedly, Transport is designed to work with any HMD (head-mounted display) VR solution whether Oculus Rift, HTV Vive or what have you. It's even going to be made available in a software format that will be shared with the community.

If you want to sign up for Transport's beta, you can do so here.