Watercooling, Wifi Security, Corsair Memory and Hard Drive data recovery

 The team at HotHardware have had a busy few weeks recently, with major releases from ATI, NVIDIA, AMD and more.  Top that off with the usual string of high-end DVD burners, motherboards and the like and there are no signs of it letting up.  Soon we should see motherboards with PCI Express starting to show up as well and some sweet hardware to fill those slots.  Currently we've all got some interesting hardware we're working on that you are sure to love, one that I will be posting soon will have a lot of you drooling with envy, I promise.  Sadly, that's about all I can say about that for now :)  So hang tight, stick around and enjoy the show, things are going to get HOT!

PC Review have an article on basic hard drive data recovery:

"One of the most important points for any computer user to remember is to always back up your data. As much as personal computing has advanced over the past 20 years, hard drives still fail. Hard Drives are an amazing piece of mechanical engineering, as then spin (sometimes continuously) at around 120 times per second (7200 rpm). These spinning platters are spinning at such high speeds that a small interference whilst in usage can damage the disk in a certain area. There are now fail safe mechanisms in place to prevent critical failures when there is a small amount of physical damage done to the drive, but accidents do happen."

Logisys Armor Mid Tower Chassis Review @ ExtremeMHz:

"One of the nice things about having the ATX format hang around for such a long time is that manufacturers are not afraid to commit the resources to building some really neat cases. Even so, if you'd asked five years ago for a gaming case, most would have looked at you like you were a Martian. With the propensity of new gaming cases hitting the market in the last year, one can safely assume they're here to stay. Today I'll be looking at a brand new model – the Armor Case from Logisys Computer. With sharp looks and competitive features it seems to be a very nice case...but let's take a closer look and make sure!"

Corsair TWINX1024-3200XL Pro @ Viper Lair:

"In our opinion, this is a required purchase if you're sitting on the 200MHz bus. Spending your money on faster ram is pointless if your setup can't handle the high clock speeds. Buying faster ram, while tweaking the timings is also pointless as well, as they still can't match what we've seen of the TWINX-3200XL Pro today."

3R Systems Poseidon WCL-03 Water Cooling System @ Systemcooling.com:

"Today we are reviewing the 3R Systems Poseidon Water Cooling system. What sets this apart from most of the rest of the Water-Cooled Solutions presently available is that this is truly a "Plug and Play" Solution: it comes completely pre-assembled and pre-filled."

Designtechnica: Protect Your Wireless Network:

"Drive through a few neighborhoods in your area with a WiFi-enabled laptop or PDA and one thing will become quite clear: there are a lot of wireless networks out there. But take a closer look at those networks and a more disconcerting trend will become obvious: people don't know how to - or just choose not to - secure their wireless networks."

OK my friends, that's it for now.  Don't be a stranger.