Vista Users Beware Updating To Catalyst 7.3

ExtremeTech is reporting that updating to the newest release (7.3) of the Catalyst drivers might cause your Vista system to experience the dreaded Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD). If you're not sure what a BSOD is, it's that blue screen with white text that crops up whenever a computer and Windows have a serious disagreement.

Luckily, ExtremeTech has a solution, but you'll have to read the article here.

"Looking to boost your system's performance? A driver upgrade is often a great way to do it, but in the case of AMD's new Catalyst 7.3 driver package for Radeon graphics cards and Windows Vista, you might want to hold off before you take the plunge unless you enjoy gazing at blue screens with white lettering. It's another case of driver woes with the new operating system."


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