Unlocking iPhones Can Cause Explosions?

Citing a post from Hackintosh, the iPhone Atlas is starting to uncover the dark side of iPhone unlocking, namely the allegedly explosive nature of some of the devices.

Here's an tidbit from the original post, spelling errors and all:
“We were so happy, all the software part was done, so we started opening the iphone. The antenna cover was a bit tricky but eventually it came off. Then we started to open the metal cover (after taking out the 3 screws) and PUFF, up it went in smoke, I think my collegue must have touched something. It literally went up in black smoke. I was so hot that when I tried to pick it up I burnt my fingers. So, this is for sure the most difficult part of the whole process. I don’t know what he did, as I had just stepped out of the room to fetch something when I heard a scream…they got such a fright.”
While we have no way of knowing if this was purely the fault of the person doing the unlocking or some kind of anti-tampering mechanism at work, it could just as easily turn out to be a hoax or a defective unit.

We'll continue to follow this story and keep you update.