Two Case Reviews, LED Fan, DDR-2 Article and a Few Other Goodies

Good evening friends, welcome back to HH :)  I was driving home from work tonight when I noticed my car could use some gas.  As I approached the unusually empty gas station I happened to look at the price of gas; it had jumped to a record high of $0.84 per/L ($3.18 per/Gallon for you folks in the US).  Considering that I need my car to get to work, I had no choice but pay the outrageous price.  Cost aside, what really burns me is the fact that gas was only $0.74 per/L ($2.80 per/Gallon) when I left for work.  *Shakes Fist* Really, how can gas suddenly become that increasingly more precious over eight hours to warrant an extra $0.10 per/L ($0.38 per/Gallon)?  ARG!!!  *Cough... Cough* Well, I think that just about covers the rant department for the night..... Now, how about some news??

ADPmods Fireworks LED Fan @ The Crucible

"There is nothing quite as satisfying as a cool looking custom PC. Knowing that you have a one of a kind case should give you a great feeling of pride. If you are like me, your mods never seem to be finished. I am always looking for some thing extra. Some thing special to add a little more flair. Well, I think I have found a product that can put your mod over the top."

Raidmax Cobra Mid-Tower Case Review @ 3D Extreme

"The Cobra is an excellent value that does not look like a budget case. It is a well designed and attractively styled product with very few annoyances. For about 60 dollars, the Cobra is available from Extremecase, and this includes the 420 watt power supply. Raidmax offers a true value in its Cobra cases. If you need a great looking case and would like to keep a few bucks in your pocket, the Cobra is the right case for you..."

Introduction to DDR-2 @ PC Stats

"DDR2-SDRAM is considered an evolutionary upgrade over existing DDR memory. It maintains the same core functions, transferring 64 bits of data twice every clock cycle for an effective transfer rate twice that of the front-side bus (FSB) of a computer system, and an effective bandwidth equal to its speed x 8. Of corse, DDR2 introduces some new features which allow it to ramp up to much higher speeds (with correspondingly higher bandwidth) and higher memory densities, all the while using less power. Sounds good doesn't it? Let's look at the 'big' facts first, before we explore the memory in detail. DDR2 memory uses a new form factor, a 240 pin DIMM (Dual Inline Memory Module) which is *not* compatible with current DDR memory slots. Upcoming chipsets by Intel and other manufacturers will support DDR2 specifically, and are not backwards compatible."

UT2004 32 bit versus 64 bit performance @ AMD Zone

"We have finished our initial testing of 64 bit Unreal Tournament 2004. There is a 64 bit Linux demo so we put together a test bed using the nForce 3 and GeForce FX video cards with 64 bit drivers. We compared on the same hardware against 32 bit Linux and 32 bit Windows. What did we find? Read on to find out!"

Chimaera Series TH202 Gaming Case @ ExtremeMHz

"We've had a lot of gaming cases show up at ExtremeMhz here in the last few months, and today we'll be looking at another one - the Casedge Chimaera Series TH202 Gaming case. Essentially, it is the same as the Diabolic Gaming cases that have been floating around for awhile now, only this case sports a whole new color scheme. Let's take a look and see if this new version has what it takes to make your short list!"

Thermalright SLK-948U @ Viper Lair

"As we've seen here today, the SLK-948U's performance is quite good. Being a universal heatsink, you can easily move it from platform to platform should you need to. Depending if you're interested in setting up a low-noise system, or a loud, overclocked one, you're well covered with the number of fan options allowed."

Sorry friends, but that is all I have.  I will catch you back here in the AM :) - Cheers

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