Turtle Beach Ear Force AXT Xbox/Xbox 360 Live Headset

If you're able to shell out enough money to purchase an XBox 360, you probably have enough money for a decent Headset. Tweaknews.net takes a look at the sub $80 Turtle Beach Ear Force AXT Xbox/Xbox 360 Live Headset, which is certainly worth the price if you're looking for a great audio experience.

"Providing excellent sound quality and surprising comfort, the Turtle Beach Ear Force AXT headset is a great product for the Xbox enthusiast looking for better quality sound and a more immersive gaming experience. Couple this with a MSRP of just under $80 US and the AXT is an excellent value as well. Better yet, availability is good with some online retailers selling this headset for as little as $60."

Via:  Tweaknews
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