Tsunami Thermaltake Case, ASUS K8N-E, ATi Chipset News and More

Hey everyone, as my first news post I'd like to remind you all it's November 2nd, so if you haven't already, get registered to vote and support your candidate! But that's politics, and I know why your really here, so get ready for your mid-afternoon fix of tech news.

 Thermaltake Tsunami Dream Case @ PimpRig.com

"If it weren't for the lights it would be difficult to know the case was on. Yes, that is how silent it is. What more could you want? Looks, performance, and silence..."

 RaidMax Cobra Gaming Case @ ViperLair.com

"Cooling is very well done, but we think they could have substituted the sheer number of 80mm fan options with fewer larger fans. While the cooling is efficient, it is noisy if you plan on using all the available fan mounts. Granted, given the Cobra case is aimed at gamers, the noise will probably not be much of an issue."

 Asus K8N-E W/ nForce 250gb Ultra Chipset @ Gotapex.com

"...They have been able to produce the K8N-E as a fully featured S754 board that is able to push it up to the highest standards of HT along with a great feature set that includes integrated firewall's and other bells and whistles."

 Virtual Memory Optimization Guide Part 2 @ Rojakpot.com

"Even today, virtual memory is still very important component of the operating system. No matter how much memory you have, there is always a need for virtual memory. Therefore, its performance is of great importance. Optimizing the virtual memory system will greatly improve the performance of the computer."

 ATi Chipsets - Radeon Xpress @ TheInquirer.com

"Radeon Xpress 200 G and non G will support all socket Athlon 64/FX and Opteron CPUs, dual channel memory, PCIe 16X four PCIe 1X slots, PCI slots, eight USB ports, AC 97 audio, four S-ATA drives, two parallel ports and Raid 0 and 1. As you notice, it doesn't have any LAN support even though Nvidia and Via do support this feature"