Tracking iPhone Sales & New iPods

While the iPhone didn't quite hit the first week/first dale sales targets that many predicted, it was still a strong performer upon its introduction.  Despite the initial demand not being quite as high as many predictions, the demand in the weeks and months following the launch have actually exceeded earlier estimates.

Current figures estimate that Apple stores (1800 nation-wide) have sold at least 3 a day, every day, since the launch.  That's about a half-million phones right there.
"Factoring in hundreds of thousands of iPhones sold through Apple stores and online via, we still believe that our unit estimate is conservative," he told clients. "While Apple has not provided any information into expanded distribution of the iPhone beyond Apple and AT&T stores, we continue to believe Apple may expand distribution to include other retailers over time (Best Buy would make sense)."
The other tidbit of news is, of course, the holiday iPod refresh.

The iPod updates are not official until Apple releases info on them, and these are simply rumors from a source with a reliable track record: new iPod video devices with multi-touch and flash memory should be coming in at under $300, and a higher capacity iPod nano (possibly w/multi-touch, but doubtful) seems to be very likely.

Do you own an iPhone?  If so, please tell us about your experience with it.
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