Titanium PSU, XTASY X800 XT, X800 Upgradeable Notebook

Good morning all!  Man it's been odd listening to the other guys talking about snow and cold weather.  Moving to NC last April, Winter now has a new definition to me.  What used to be cold and snowy is now more sunny and warm.  Heck, the last few days were in the 70s.  A part of me misses the snow, but the other part really likes wearing shorts in December :)  Anyhow, you're here for news, not a weather report, so let's start things off...

Ultra 500W Titanium ATX PSU @ Viper Lair:

"The Ultra 500W Titanium ATX Power Supply may not have a modular cabling system, or flashy fans or windows, or even sleeved cabling for the most part, but it does have an excellent titanium mirror finish and good performance. Voltages are pretty much spot on, its quiet and bottom line it does its job."

VisionTek XTASY X800 XT @ Bjorn3D:

"PCI-Express continues to gain ground over AGP and will even more so once new Athlon64 chipsets (like nForce4) hit the shelves, but PCI-Express is still only really appealing to people who are getting the latest motherboards. Otherwise, there is no compelling reason to switch from AGP to PCI-Express."

Rock Hits Out With X800 Powered Notebook @ Trusted Reviews:

"Rock, purveyor of high performance notebooks, has launched the Xtreme Ti, which it refers to as the "ultimate gaming notebook". It makes this claim based on the Xtreme Ti featuring the ATI Mobility X800 graphics chip. This is a PCI Express x16 solution and in our initial benchmark tests outpaced nVidia's GeForce GO 6800 mobile graphics processor. Even better news for gamers is that the graphics chip is upgradeable enabling users to keep the notebook up to date when even faster solutions appear."