Tired Of Video Games Controlling Your Mind? Turn The Tables!

Will seeing the fear in the eyes of an Orc you're about to slaughter in World of Warcraft make you stay your hand? Probably not. Seeing the look of anger and raw fury might actually make the game more fun for countless millions.

"Emotiv's technology represents a scientific breakthrough: it is the only brain computer interface solution that can detect and process both human conscious thoughts and non-conscious emotions, including those represented by brain activity patterns unique to a particular individual. Unlike earlier brain computer interfaces, which only detect a limited number of mental 'states' such as concentration (by identifying when the user is focusing on the screen), Emotiv can process dozens of expressions, gestures and emotions. For the first time, computers will be able to differentiate between thoughts of pushing an object or lifting it; detect a user's smile or win; and respond to emotions such as excitement and calmness."