There's A Party In Tim Cook's Pants, As Apple Prepares iPhone 8 Launch For 9/12

tim cook
Is that an iPhone 8 in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me? That seems to be question on the minds of many Apple watchers today. It’s not often that people would examine or even care about what Apple CEO Tim Cook is wearing, but his tweet this morning announcing his visit to manufacturing partner CTS had people focused on the bulge in his pants.

No, not that kind of bulge, but the one in his right pants pocket. You can see what appears to be the outline of a narrow and tall smartphone — one that adheres closely to the overall shape of the iPhone 8 that we’ve seen making the rounds on the internet in renders for the past six months. The proportions seem to favor that of an iPhone 8 more than an iPhone 7 Plus, and there’s no doubt that Cook would have access to a such hardware roughly three weeks before it is set to be unveiled to the public. 

Not surprisingly, Twitter users were quick to get into Tim Cook’s pants, and of course, the jokes started flying.

It’s all in good fun, right?

Speaking of the iPhone 8, the latest rumor floating around is that the flagship smartphone (along with the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus) will bow on September 12th according to Mac4Ever. According to the publication, several wireless carriers have confirmed this date.

If this date is accurate (and we do remain skeptical), preorders would likely occur on Friday, September 15th and early shipments would arrive on customer doorsteps (and retail locations) on Friday, September 22nd.

iPhone 8 renders

The iPhone 8 is expected to be the most dramatic departure in design to date for the flagship. It will feature an OLED display, minimal screen bezels, infrared facial recognition that can be used to unlock the device an authenticate Apple Pay transactions, wireless charging support, and a speedy Apple A11 processor.

Bottom Image Source: Forbes via Gordon Kelly and Nodus