Apple iPhone 8 Wireless Charging, 3D Sensor Reportedly Plagued With Software Issues

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It looks as though Apple is coming down to the wire with regards to resolving issues surrounding its upcoming iPhone 8. The iPhone 8 is expected to make a big splash for the company and will mark the most dramatic departure in design for the smartphone family since it was first introduced over 10 years ago.

But at least two lingering issues are giving Apple engineers pause according to fresh reports. Last week, Apple acolyte John Gruber reported that an inductive “wireless” charger would not be including in the box, and that the feature would not be ready until the iOS 11.1 update is made available:

Adding to that tweet, Fast Company is reporting that there is a “sense of panic in the air” at Apple with regards to persistent software problems related to inductive charging.  Apple is reportedly using the Qi wireless standard for its inductive charging, and is relying on Broadcom chips to power the feature. However, the software stack working alongside the inductive charging hardware is simply not up to par with Apple’s expectations for quality. Like Gruber, the publication says that rather than delay the entire launch of the iPhone 8, Apple may instead choose to enable inductive charging support at a later date.

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However, software bugs related to inductive charging isn’t the only unresolved software malady affecting the iPhone 8. Apple will reportedly use a 3D sensor instead of the venerable Touch ID sensor to authenticate users by scanning their face. As is reportedly the case with inductive charging, it is the software that is causing problems rather than the underlying hardware. One positive note with regards to the 3D sensor is that sources within the company say the feature will be ready for action by the time the iPhone 8 is [likely] launched in September.

The iPhone 8 is expected to feature at least 3GB RAM, 64GB and 128GB storage options, a 5.2-inch nearly bezel-less OLED display and improved audio quality. The smartphone will also include latest A11 processor and will feature the newly revealed iOS 11 operating system.

(iPhone 8 renders courtesy of iDropNews)