Rare Apple Leak Reveals iPhone 8 Design And Confirms Infrared Facial Scanner

iphone 8
When it comes to iPhone leaks, we typically expect to obtain unreleased information from Apple’s supply chain or from case manufacturers that are happy to share design details and specifications. However, it’s very rare that the leak come from within Cupertino itself, which is exactly what happened this time around.

It all started when Apple accidentally published the firmware for its upcoming HomePod AI smart speaker yesterday. Developers were quick to capitalize on Apple’s error and downloaded the code to start sniffing for any hidden treasures (HomePod runs a version of iOS). Well, it didn’t take long for developers to spot references in the device’s code to other Apple products — namely the upcoming iPhone 8.

The first confirmation of upcoming iPhone 8 features is with regards to its face detection. More specifically, the iPhone 8 allegedly uses an infrared camera that can accurately scan your face even in the dark. There are lines of code that reference “BKFaceDetect” along with error messages that detail when you’re face is not close enough to the camera and timeout phases for detection. There’s even a reference to multiple faces in the code, perhaps allowing more than one person to unlock a device.

But perhaps the biggest takeaway from the HomePod leak is that an image was discovered that clearly shoes an outline of the upcoming iPhone 8. This particular leak clearly confirms the designs for the smartphone that we have seen over the past few months including the relatively thin bezels and the display “cutout” for the sensor pack at the top of the device. That sensor pack includes the FaceTime HD camera, ambient light sensor and infrared cameras.

It is unknown if the infrared cameras will completely supplant Touch ID or if they will be used as an alternative authentication method. Regardless of how it’s used, it’s quite shocking to see such leaks coming from Apple. But we aren’t complaining; we always love a good leak no matter where it comes from.