The Moto G, Now With 4G LTE For $219

Motorola’s surprisingly inexpensive-yet-quality handset, the Moto G, just got an upgrade. Whereas previously there was only a 3G option, the handset is now available with 4G LTE capabilities.

You can configure yourself a Moto G in black or white with 8GB of storage, and the 4G LTE-equipped device will have a microSD card slot capable of supporting up to 32GB. The only catch is the cost; whereas the Moto G (3G) starts at just $179, the 4G LTE version is $219.

Moto G

That’s still not all that much for a solid phone off-contract, though. Further, on no-contract mobile service provider Republic Wireless, that allows users to opt for the $40 per month 4G plan and buy the less expensive Moto G instead of needing the $299 Moto X handset.

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