Terabyte Storage and TiVO compatibility for Notebook PCs

Addonics Announces CardBus eSATA RAID5/JBOD Controller

Terabyte Storage Capability, High-Speed Transfers, and TiVO compatibility for Notebook PCs

SAN JOSE, CA (April 27, 2006) - Notebook PC users can now have high performance SATA technology, RAID 5 and a TeraByte of external storage capability via one CardBus slot with Addonics Technologies new CardBus eSATA RAID5/JBOD Adapter.

The Addonics CardBus adapter comes built-in with 2 eSATA ports and RAID5/JBOD firmware. Users can attach two external SATA hard drives and configure them as RAID 0, RAID 1 or as one large hard drive. By stripping multiple hard drives, users can achieve data transfer performance that far exceeds any notebook hard drive performance.

High-speed storage and RAID capability is no longer an issue for organizations using notebook PC as desktop replacements. With the Addonics CardBus eSATA RAID5/JBOD Adapter users can also attach to each eSATA port as many as five hard drives in an external drive enclosure that has a built-in port multiplier as the Addonics Storage Tower. The five hard drives can be configured as RAID 1, 0, 10 or 5. Using the JBOD configuration, users can combine the five hard drives into one large two-TeraByte external storage system for their notebook PC.

Together with the Addonics family of eSATA cables, notebook users can achieve the fastest performance with external SATA storage device, as much as 150 MB/sec, which is three times faster the data transfer rate of USB 2.0.

Addonics offers a complete cabling solution for external SATA applications. All Addonics external SATA cables are constructed with metal clips on the connectors for reliable repetitive insertion and tighter connection needed for external application. These cables are also heavily shielded and wired to increase EMI protection and to ensure SATA signal integrity in external applications over a two meter distance.

In addition, the Addonics controller can be connected to some PVR (personal video recorders), set-top boxes and TiVO devices with the optional Addonics external SATA cable (AASAEDC3F).

The Addonics CardBus eSATA RAID5/JBOD Adapter (ADCBSAR5-2E) has a MSRP of $79.95