TeamGroup Elite DDR5-4800 Memory Kits Arrive This Month Prior To Alder Lake Launch

teamgroup ddr5 elite
As we inch closer to the launch of Intel's 12th generation Alder Lake processors, many companies are touting their blazing fast DDR5 memory portfolios that will be available. One company that has been at the forefront of DDR5 development is TeamGroup, and it just announced the upcoming availability of Elite Series DDR5 modules for the consumer market.

TeamGroup will sell the modules in a 16GBx2 kit (32GB), and they are rated fresh out of the box for 4800MHz speeds. These speeds compare to the standard 3200MHz rating for DDR4 modules. Those DDR5-4800 speeds are with timings of CL40-40-40-77, running at 1.1 volts. As with all DDR5 memory, power management (PMIC) is now handled on-module instead of by the motherboard, which helps to reduce noise interference.

We should note that these DDR5 modules won't come cheap. TeamGroup says that the 32GB kit will cost $399 when it launches later this month. For comparison, prices over at Amazon for 32GB DDR4-3200 kits are ringing up at anywhere from $165 to $210. That means customers will be paying quite a price premium [at official JEDEC speeds] to enjoy the performance benefits of DDR5 memory. According to TeamGroup, these modules will be available from the usual suspects like Amazon and Newegg.

While the modules will be available within weeks, the actual processor/motherboard platforms to take advantage of them still haven't been officially released to the public. Rumors currently peg Intel's Alder Lake platform to debut around the October 2021 timeframe. Alder Lake will be the first consumer processor platform to support DDR5 memory, and AMD will likely soon follow with its Zen 4-based processors.

It's rumored that the debut of Alder Lake will coincide with the launch of Microsoft's next-generation Windows 11 operating system. According to past rumors, Windows 11 will have built-in optimizations to improve performance on hybrid processors like Alder Lake (and the preceding Lakefield).