TCL Unveils Affordable Soundbars With Dolby And They're Already On Sale

TCL's Q6510 soundbar speakers (soundbar, two satellites, and a subwoofer)
You're not still using your TV's built-in speakers, are you? In all fairness, some of them do actually sound pretty good these days. However, better audio is out there and TCL is aiming tickle your eardrums with superior sound at price points that won't weigh heavy on your mind with buyer's remorse. Out of the five new soundbar packages it introduced, all of them are under $300 and in terms of street pricing, all but one can be had for less than $200.

That's not surprising given that TCL is often a value play in the realm of home electronics. The company is best known for its big screen televisions and smartphones (see our TCL 20 Pro 5G review) though it offers range of products—everything from robot vacuums and air purifies, to earbuds and home theater electronics. That obviously includes soundbars.

TCL's five new soundbar offering comprise a pair of Q Class products (Q6310 and Q6510, the latter of which is pictured above) and three S Class systems (S4210, S4310, and S4510). The number of channels and features vary by model, though all of them support Dolby Audio and DTS Virtual:X.

TCL Q Class Soundbars For 2023

TCL Q6510 soundbar with subwoofer on a black background.
Starting at the higher end, the Q Class is the more premium lineup with a higher output—350 watts for the 3.1-channel Q6310 and 430 watts for the 5.1-channel Q6510—and a bigger wireless subwoofer outfitted with a 6.5-inch bass speaker.

Inputs on both include HDMI (with ARC), optical, USB, and both 3.5mm and 2.5mm auxiliary ports. These soundbars also feature a breathing LED light bar and several preset EQ settings, including Standard, Voice, Music, Movie, Game, and Sports.

You do forgo some features at these price points. Namely, Dolby Atmos, an adjustable EQ, and voice assistant integration are MIA. However, they do feature automatic room calibration, which is a pleasant surprise. Assuming these sound decent (and we haven't tested them), it's hard to argue with the overall value proposition. Speaking of which, they're already discounted from their MSRPs on Amazon. Here's a look...
You'll need to scroll down the Q6510 listing and select Amazon as the seller, because for whatever reason Amazon defaults to a marketplace seller at an inflated price.

TCL S Class Soundbars For 2023

TCL's S4510 soundbar underneath a TV and next to its subwoofer.
If you're looking to spend even less, the S Series is even lighter on the wallet/purse. It consists of two offerings—the 2.1-channel S4210 with 200 watts of power, the 3.1-channel S4310 with 240 watts of power, and the 5.1-channel S4510 with 300 watts of power.

These all come with a wireless subwoofer wielding a 5.5-inch bass speaker. The actual soundbars are slimmer than the Q Series (31.89 inches wide versus 35.4 inches) and oval shaped. They also lack the automatic room calibration feature, but otherwise offer the same features (like IR passthrough and Roku ready) and connectivity.

You can score the S Series on sale as well...
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