T-Mobile To Reportedly Skirt Net Neutrality, Offer 'BingeOn' Unlimited Netflix, HBO Video Streaming

john legere
T-Mobile has really been knocking it out of the park this year, and it's reaping great rewards for the company. This past fall, the company leapfrogged Sprint to become the third-largest US wireless carrier, and given the company's momentum, things are only going to improve. While it's hard to argue that T-Mo's network isn't as wide-reaching as AT&T's and Verizon's, the company is sure doing everything it can to help smooth that over until the situation improves.

Networks aside, T-Mobile seems to be the most "fun" of all the major carriers, thanks to the company's outspoken and hilarious CEO, John Legere. Earlier this week, we saw him troll Verizon's headquarters with a skywriting message, and just yesterday, the carrier released its "Scarriers" series of videos, in which Legere scares the wits out of wireless faithfuls with tales of competitor missteps.

T Mobile Uncarrier X

While T-Mobile is good at making people laugh, it of course requires a lot more to get people hooked to a new carrier. Fortunately, the company has been doing quite well in that regard. Every few months, it seems to release a new program that does well to lure people in by the thousands (or hundreds of thousands). This next reveal certainly looks like it could be one of those.

T-Mobile recently announced that it'd be revealing Uncarrier X (as in ten) on November 10th, but serial leaker Evan Blass decided to jump right to the punch and spoil the reveal. If true, T-Mobile will soon make it so that video streaming traffic doesn't count towards the overall limit. That includes Netflix, HBO, and so forth. That's big.

Blass went on, after receiving some pushback from Legere, to indicate that the name of the service is BingeOn.

That additional info prompted Legere to invite Blass to the Uncarrier X event:

For those finding themselves with a lot of time on their hands while out of the house, this kind of perk could prove to be a huge boon. It could also be extremely useful to those who might not have the best of home Internet connections, or would like to be able to hook their phone up to a screen to avoid the other Internet hoggers in the household.

As a Canadian, it bugs me that we don't get a carrier like T-Mobile in Canada. I hope it happens some day, because the perks the company's been offering lately are beyond tempting.