T-Mobile’s John Legere Fires Up Trolling Motor With Three Frightening ‘Scarriers’ Tales

T-Mobile CEO John Legere
T-Mobile CEO John Legere is a master troller. The man takes pleasure in ripping on his larger competitors — Verizon Wireless and AT&T — and to a lesser extent, fourth place wireless carrier Sprint. Earlier this week Legere got a taste of his own medicine after his attempts to troll Verizon results in a swift response that left Legere attempting to laugh off the sick burn.

Legere is back at again today, taking direct aim at his three wireless competitors in a three-part video series called “The Scarriers.” In each of the videos, Legere is sitting around a campfire with a group of bewildered smartphone users as he describes the perils of choosing the competition. The first target is “Big Red,” otherwise known as Verizon Wireless. Legere tells the story of a couple that was slapped with an outrageous $2,000,000 bill from Verizon. He then motions to the scared audience that Verizon will slit your throat if you fail to pay the bill.

Legere next turns his attention to Sprint, aka the “The Yellow Bus.” which he claims does nothing but copy everything that T-Mobile implements.

Perhaps saving the best for last, Legere went after his former employer: AT&T. Legere lovingly refers to AT&T as “The Death Star” and describes a story of how the company unleashed its lawyers on a customer that was simply trying to provide a suggestion on how to provide better service.

Legere conclude his triple-play tirade, proclaiming, “The Scarriers are f**king terrifying. Go to the Un-Carrier.”

All three videos are a light-hearted affair, and have a light amount of profanity (hey, it wouldn’t be a Legere rant without a few F-bombs tossed in for good measure). Neither video is likely to persuade a customer to switch allegiances when it comes to wireless carriers, but it shows that Legere isn’t done trolling competing wireless carriers.