SuperTalent T800UX2GC4 PC2-6400 2GB kit review

Need super fast ram? How about buying SuperTalent? Though they're not as well known as brands such as Corsair or Mushkin, they have produced some extremely fast(and stable) memory. Getting this speed in a 2GB kit comes with a price though. Are you willing to pay?

"AMD will present the AM2 socket this summer, which supports DDR2 PC6400 RAM. Intel based motherboards can already use such RAM and so we have most manufacturers entering a 'memory war', with every RAM manufacturer trying to design and release high speed DDR2 modules while offering good value as well. This 'memory war' seems to get interesting as Super Talent, a less known company among the enthusiast circles, released the (for the time being) fastest PC-6400 2GB kit currently available. The T800UX2GC4 kit consists of two 1GB modules, rated to run at 800MHz DDR and 4/3/4/8 timings."
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