Stealth Switch Desktop Cloaking Device Review

Now here at HotHardware, we get some cool stuff in our mailbox. Reviews for the latest and greatest hardware are nice, but this thing is just something else. If you're one of those people who are doing something your not supposed to be doing at a PC, either at work or at home, you're probably constantly looking over your shoulder. The boss, co-workers, even your spouse could be just around the corner, ready to catch you in the act. For you, there is the Stealth Switch Desktop Cloaking Device, which is little more than a panic button designed to keep what you're doing private...

Maybe the boss walked by as you were playing Solitaire? Perhaps the wife came downstairs while you were visiting one of 'those' sites? Or perhaps something a little less devious, and you were creating a confidential document as one of your nosy co-workers walked by. A new product called the Stealth Switch may be the solution to discreetly cloak the contents of your PC desktop without raising any suspicion by those happening by.

Private until they figure what that button you're constantly mashing really does.