Will Starfield Ever Land On PS5? What You Need To Know

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When Bethesda Game Studios first announced Starfield, it was 2018 and the company was still its own separate entity underneath Zenimax Media. Its parent was purchased by Microsoft in March of 2021, and the predictable happened: Starfield, Bethesda's first new IP in 25 years, became a Microsoft-exclusive property. That means Xbox and Windows, but definitely not PlayStation.

Apparently, some people didn't get the memo, though. In a comical tweet, Bethesda's senior director of PR Matt Frary announced that a "small handful of reviewers" requested codes for the game... for the PS5. Just in case you don't get it, the PlayStation 5 is a Sony platform, and Sony is Microsoft's most-direct competitor in the difficult console gaming space.

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Because Twitter is Twitter and the Internet is the Internet, he had to post a follow-up tweet explaining that he was not making a dig at the PS5 or Sony, but rather at the people asking him for PlayStation keys to a game that does not exist on Sony's platforms. In fact, it's extremely unlikely to ever show up on PlayStation, especially after all the bitter opposition that Sony gave Microsoft during its Activision-Blizzard purchase.

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This probably won't surprise anyone coming from HotHardware, but our recommendation if you're a PlayStation gamer and desperately want to play the latest game from Todd Howard and the rest of the fine folks at Bethesda, is that you should build or buy a gaming PC. It'll cost you more money up front than an Xbox Series X, but you'll get a better-looking and better-performing game.

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Not only that, but Bethesda's games live and die on their mod support, and the new title already has over three-hundred unique mods on the Starfield Nexus. That's pretty impressive considering that the promised official modding tools haven't even been released yet. 

Heck, the game itself hasn't even officially been released yet; that doesn't happen until Wednesday, along with the launch of AMD's new graphics cards. Folks playing right now are either enjoying it on Game Pass or are people who purchased the Premium Edition.

To be fair, there will be some mod support on the Xbox version of the game, according to Bethesda's Pete Hines. You'll also need a reasonably beefy PC to run Starfield with good performance. Still, you could get the game for free—the Premium Edition, even—by purchasing an AMD-based system, certain Ryzen CPUs, or almost any current Radeon GPU that can buy the game. That promotion runs until September 30th, so you've got some time to ponder it.