Bethesda's Todd Howard Talks About Starfield And The Game's NASA-Punk Aesthetic

starfield trailer

Starfield was initially teased at E3 2018. We have since learned very little about Bethesda’s next major AAA game. However, a recent interview with Bethesda’s Todd Howard has revealed a bit more about what one can expect from the game. Here is what we know so far about Starfield.

Starfield is set in three hundred years in the future. Howard describes the aesthetic of the game as “NASA-punk” and is very much influenced by the moon-landing era. The developers have worked hard to determine “what happens every decade” in order to create a full universe and history.

Bethesda wanted the technology in the game to feel as if it naturally evolved from our existing technology. Howard even visited SpaceX to speak to those who are on the cutting edge of space technology. He remarked, “It's being able to play with something where the technology level and the logic of how humankind got to where they are. You know, how do the people live? How does the equipment work? What are the rules of communication? You take it for granted in the game that you could communicate from one planet to another, or some other remote thing. But we have the rules. No, they can't-- that's going to take years! And then once you realize, you can be, like ‘okay…’, you can use that to your advantage.” Howard further noted that this approach has led to the more “exotic” guns in the game truly feeling more exotic.

Nevertheless, Howard emphasized that Starfield is still a game and there will be unrealistic elements to it. He argued that they will make sense within the game’s universe. There will also be various alien races and planets, but Howard did not provide further elaboration.

Starfield will be both a first person and third person game like past Bethesda games. The game will have a similar open feeling to games like Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. There will be a major plot, but players are welcome to just enjoy the scenery. Howard remarked, “And if you just want to pass the time and go watch the sunset and pick flowers it's rewarding in that way too. The quiet moments feel really really good.”

The player will be part of the “Constellation” which is referred to as the “last group of space explorers.” However, Howard promises that players will very much be able to mold their character. He commented, “It's got some really great character systems-- choosing your background, things like that.” Players will also be able to join factions within the game.

The newly released trailer for the game gives a sense of the game’s ambience, but otherwise does not reveal any gameplay. Howard did promise that there are demonstrations of the gameplay on the horizon. Starfield will be released on PC and Xbox Series X and S in November 2022.

Image courtesy of Bethesda