Spyware Peddlers? Keystroke Thieves? Hangin's Too Good Fer 'Em

A bipartisan bill to outlaw various spyware activities, that passed 395-1 when voted on in the House of Representatives in 2005, has been re-introduced by its co-sponsors Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) and Bob Goodlatte (R-VA).

The bill would protect "Americans from Internet crime while not impinging on software development," Lofgren said in a statement. "Spyware has become a plague for computer users, and Congress must address the mounting negative impact that it is having on our economy. Americans should not be afraid to use the Internet." The legislation will punish "bad actors" while protecting legitimate online companies by not over-regulating, Goodlatte added in a statement. House members introduced a second spyware bill, called the Spy Act, in February. That bill would prohibit keystroke logging, taking control of a computer without the user's consent, diverting Web browsers, using computers to create botnets and modifying a computer users' browser and security settings without permission.

395-1. We need to find that one guy and send him midget/goat porn pop-up ads until he comes to his senses. Then we should wake up the Senate and tell them the intertubes need cleaning, please.   Read the whole thing here.

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