SpyBot Search & Destroy 1.5 Released

If it's not the best, it's one of the best, spyware removers available - and it's got the best price possible - free.  SpyBot Search & Destroy 1.5 has been released, after a few delays.
We have to admit, it was delayed a few times, mostly because we always had some new feature we wanted to implement in mind, but now it's finally here: we're proud to announce the availability of Spybot - Search & Destroy 1.5. This new version features a lot of improved detection mechanisms (which in parts were already made available through the regular 1.4 updates in the past months), improved Operating System support (Windows Vista integration, restored support for Windows 95, more compatibility with Wine, support for bootable Windows CDs), improved browser support (e.g. for immunization) and much more.

Downloads will be made available throughout the next days, and we'll try to keep the download mirror list up-to-date with who already has this newest version.

What can we say?  Yes, there have been instances of a few false positives, but always fixed quickly, and overall, it has been and still is a great program.

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