Space Explorers Apollo To Artemis VR Experience Comes To Meta’s Quest

hero blue marble meta quest movie
Experience Earth through the eyes of astronauts onboard the International Space Station (ISS) in a new virtual reality (VR) movie for the Meta Quest, titled Blue Marble Orbit 1. The breathtaking footage is part of the Emmy award-winning Space Explorer series and is part of a new trilogy for Meta Quest 2 and Quest Pro.

Very few humans have ever had the opportunity to look down upon Earth from low Earth orbit. Even fewer have been able to do so from the confines of ISS. Felix and Paul Studios want to try and give as many people the ability to experience what astronauts see as they look out the windows of ISS onto the planet we all call home, albeit from a VR headset here on Earth.

The nearly 25-minute feature gives viewers a remarkable insight into what it might feel like to be an astronaut onboard ISS. With a full 360-degree open perspective, viewers will be left breathless as they gaze upon "unobstructed vistas of Planet Earth."

The VR footage is taken from the Space Explorer series, which for several years tasked astronauts to document life on ISS with special virtual reality cameras. The short film lasts from sunrise to sunset, while spatial music adds to the calming and serene experience. The series looks to provide a unique insight to space exploration as humanity begins its journey back to the Moon and beyond.

Felix Lajeunesse, of Felix and Paul Studios, explained what drew them into doing the Space Explorer series in an interview with Variety, "Space exploration has always appealed to us. It's something that we wanted to do for a while."

Blue Marble Orbit 1 - Space Explorers can be downloaded for free via a link in the Meta Quest store. Quest owners can also view by clicking the "Watch in Device" button in a web browser, and then put on the VR headset.