Sony's PSVR 2 Coming Next Year With OLED HDR Displays And Haptic-Enabled Headset

In June, we heard reports that Sony is targeting a late 2022 launch for its next-generation PlayStation VR (PSVR) headset. This alleged PSVR 2 will use two OLED displays -- one for each eye -- manufactured by display leader Samsung.

Now, a new report is shedding some additional light on this high-end, next-generation accessory for the PlayStation 5. According to PSVR Without Parole, the displays will be HDR-capable and have a field of view (FOV) of 110 degrees. For comparison, the original PSVR has a FOV of 100 degrees. In addition, the PSVR 2 will have an effective resolution of 4000x2040 or 2000x2040 per eye with the Fresnel OLED displays. This is well beyond the 960x1080 (per eyes) resolution of the original PSVR.

Other features on track for the PSVR 2 include foveated rendering, Flexible Scaling Resolution (FSR), and eye-tracking support. Foveated rendering coupled with FSR can allow content that you're actually looking at to be focused with incredible detail while objects in your periphery are blurry. This helps to reduce the graphics processing load on the PlayStation 5, which will, in turn, boost performance.

According to the report, the PSVR 2 controller will feature capacitive touch sensors accessible via your thumb, index, and middle fingers. They can even detect how far your fingers are away from the controller. The controllers are also confirmed to include haptic feedback and adaptive triggers like the standard PlayStation 5 wireless controller. In addition, there will also reportedly be haptic feedback within the headset, which will be interesting.

Sony is reportedly imploring developers to produce AAA titles that leverage the PSVR 2 using a hybrid approach. Developers would be tasked with creating both traditional and VR versions of their software, with gamers downloading VR-capable versions if they have a PSVR 2.

We still have over a year to go before the PSVR 2's rumored launch, so there's still a lot that could change between now and then. Whatever the case, expect PSVR 2 to represent a significant boost in performance and image quality over its predecessor.