Sony PlayStation 4 Price Reportedly Dropping To $250 At E3

The future of gaming is at 4K, or at least that is what the industry at large wants everyone to believe. There is a concerted effort to put the hardware in place, including 4K resolution televisions and upgraded consoles capable of pushing more pixels than ever before. Just look at Sony—the company is all about its PlayStation 4 Pro now, and it supposedly has plans to cut the price of its regular PlayStation 4 to $250 at E3.

News of Sony's looming price cut comes from USA Today, a publication that is considerably more reliable than some random obscure website or blog where many rumors seem to originate. While we have not heard official word from Sony on a price cut, the source leads us to believe there is a high chance it will happen.

PlayStation 4

It is interesting to look back at the PS4's launch in mid-November of 2013. The PS4 debuted at $400 and while it was lauded for its capabilities, there was some criticism over the cost of admission. Sony has dropped the price over time while adding more storage. It has also released new versions, such as the PS4 Slim, which can already be found for around $250 at several retailers.

As to which specific PlayStation 4 SKU will receive a price cut, that is not clear at the moment. As it stands, the going rate for a PS4 bundle (such as the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare bundle) with 500GB goes for $300. Gamers can also find PS4 models with 1TB of onboard storage for the same price.

In addition to a price cut on the console itself, it is said that Sony will also offer discounts on software and accessories. That's good news if you're still rocking an older console and want to make the leap to a current generation game system, provided you don't care about 4K game play. Otherwise, your better bet is to save up extra funds for a PlayStation 4 Pro or wait for Microsoft's Project Scorpio.