SNES Classic To Launch In September, Pre-Orders Start Later This Month

Last fall, Nintendo launched the NES Classic Edition game console, which was a miniaturized version of the Nintendo Entertainment System that launched decades ago. That NES Classic Edition was packed with retro games right out of the box that were stored internally rather than on cartridges like the original, and it proved to be very popular with gamers.

There were widespread shortages and the only place that many could get the device was via scalpers and paying well over the MSRP for the console. Nintendo discontinued that NES Classic before many who wanted one were able to get hands on it and shortly after announced that the SNES Classic would be launching. Rather than wait for the normal holiday shopping season, Nintendo will put the SNES Classic Edition up for purchase come September 29. That is five weeks earlier than when the NES Classic Edition was made available.

snes classic

This could be very good news for gamers who hope to get a SNES Classic Edition for Christmas this year. Nintendo has already promised that these consoles will be much easier to find than the previous Classic Edition thanks to increased production. We hope that the increased availability and the earlier launch date will mean that the new console is much easier to find for fans looking to buy.

There has already been some drama around the SNES Classic Edition console and pre-orders that kicked off on a bit early. Many gamers have said that their Walmart pre-orders were cancelled with Walmart customer service claiming that someone published the pre-order page for the console too early. However, there is a bit of mystery surrounds those cancellations as some who pre-ordered claim to have never received a cancellation from Walmart.

Walmart isn't the only place where the SNES Classic Edition can be pre-ordered. Target announced that it would be offering pre-orders as well. You can bet that many people will end up resorting to scalpers selling the consoles at marked up prices on eBay no matter how many stores are doing pre-orders.

While Nintendo hasn't announced just how many units are available for pre-order, the inventory is thought to be much larger than it was for NES Classic. Only time will tell just how well pre-orders play out this time around.